This week was a reminder of what life used to be with an evening of bourbon, fun, and fellowship. Not only were people socializing and having fun, but adding good bourbon and good food made for a great night.

The event

Bourbon Women in Michigan sponsored an event at Charlie’s Still on Main this past Monday, and it was an overwhelming success. Not only did everyone get to sample some delicious bourbon while dining on chicken and waffles, but they also had fun while surrounded by like-minded whiskey drinkers. Renewing old acquaintances and venturing out as a group had a very refreshing and invigorating feel to it.

Bottle of Old Forester Anniversary Bourbon
Old Forester Anniversary Bourbon. Featured as part of the Old Forester Tasting sponsored by Bourbon Women Michigan.

The bourbons

The Whiskey Row series from Old Forester was a great representation of different expressions of whiskey from a storied brand. Not only did Brown Forman brand ambassador Bryan Gluth tell the story of Old Forester, but he also presented in a fun and enlightening way. Tasting through 1870 Original Batch, 1897 Bottled-in-Bond, 1910 Old Fine Whiskey, and 1920 Prohibition-style is an excellent bourbon experience. However, being able to try the Old Forester 150 Anniversary was a pleasant and unexpected bonus. Old Forester Anniversary bourbon is a hard-to-find whisky that is worth searching for.

The ambiance

Everyone that follows this blog knows that I think Charlie’s Still on Main is a perfect example of what every bourbon bar should be. Begin with a great bourbon and whiskey selection, include décor that reminds you of Kentucky bourbon country, combined with a great menu that complements the first two. Add outstanding bartenders along with a friendly, inviting atmosphere, and you have the right ambiance for your experience.

Bourbon Women

I was first introduced to Bourbon Women Michigan by their knowledgeable, resourceful, and effervescent Branch Ambassador Carol Otto. I had the distinct pleasure of having Carol join me in a couple of private Bourbonfool tours in Kentucky. Her stewardship in Michigan allowed Bourbon Women Michigan to increase membership even during the recent Covid crisis. Bourbon Women are united in their approach to allowing women to learn, enjoy, and embrace bourbon in a safe and comfortable environment. Monday night’s event was a testimony to that vision. If any of my female readers would like to learn more about Bourbon Women or to join, please go to this LINK.

What’s new at Charlie’s – The Video

At the end of the evening, Carol joined Charlie and me as the first guest in our video series “What’s new at Charlie’s” I think you will enjoy our review of Old Fitzgerald 8 Year Old Bourbon. Talk about bourbon, fun, and fellowship! You can watch the video HERE.

Old Fitzgerald 8 year old bourbon in the decanter bottle.
The elegant decanter of Old Fitzgerald 8 year old bourbon. Find out more by watching the VIDEO HERE.