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Welcome to the bourbonfool.com blog.

I cannot recall the first time I realized that I had an interest in bourbon.  Perhaps because I grew up with a close friend, who would only drink Jim Beam white-label? It was my duty not to let him drink alone.  It could be in my blood because my father who I barely knew was from Kentucky. Perhaps one day I will discover that I am a descendant of one of the early bourbon tasters?

What officially started the “foolishness” was my first distillery visit and tour.  A bucket list visit to Lexington, Kentucky was my first true bourbon experience, and that trip set the hook.  It was not the distillery or their bourbon that captivated me. I was astounded at how friendly the locals were during our visit and how eager they were to welcome people from out of town. Back then they were surprised that someone drove all the way from Michigan to visit a Kentucky Distillery.

I still remember completing our first Kentucky bourbon trail passport.  Although it was easier to complete when there were fewer stops, I was proud of the accomplishment. I was curious that at different distillery locations I would hear conflicting or confusing information regarding the history or provenance of bourbon.  I decided to attend Moonshine University in Louisville, so I could better understand the history and separate fact from fiction.  After acquiring the Executive Bourbon Steward designation, I began to look into the bourbon world with a thirst for knowledge. Now, after completing sixty-plus distillery tours, my quest to pass on helpful information continues.

I continue to host many bourbon tastings and present bourbon history to people eager to learn more. From large events to smaller more intimate gatherings, I thoroughly enjoy telling the story of America’s Native Spirit. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will sign up for my newsletter. You can sign up HERE.

Don Williams