This week on What’s New at Charlie’s – Barrel Finishing, we look at an excellent barrel-finished bourbon whiskey. This whiskey is a blend of seven and eleven-year-old Kentucky bourbons with low rye mash bills. The mature whiskey is then barrel finished in used Maison Ferrand Cognac casks for eight months.

Bottle of Maison Ferrand barrel finished bourbon
Bardstown Bourbon Company Maison Ferrand Cognac Finished Bourbon

The impact of time on barrel finishing

As you sample barrel-finished products, one thing that becomes evident is the correlation to the length of time a barrel finishes in a second barrel or cask. We have now reviewed multiple barrel finished products, and quite frankly, I believe the longer finishing times enhance the flavor profile. The flavor becomes more pronounced, and the color becomes darker and more inviting.

Bardstown Bourbon Company Maison Ferrand

This Bardstown Bourbon Company bottle is available to purchase. It will be hard to find, but it is worth seeking out. Not only is this a great bottle to serve during the holidays, but it would also make a great gift. The 110 proof balances the sweetness of the high corn mash bill with the additional profile elements added by the cognac finish. Watch our review HERE.

Our previous barrel finished reviews

There are many barrel-finished whiskeys on the market. We have reviewed three unique products in the last year: Blood Oath Pact 7, Bardstown Bourbon Company Prisoner, and the trio of Thomas S. Moore extended cask finishes. All of these products bring flavor, and individual tasting notes that you may never experience again. There was a significant difference between the three Thomas S. Moore finishes. We were surprised at the finish we preferred as it was not what we expected. You can find out more about these three here.


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