The Call family of distillers has produced alcohol for eight generations. One of the most well-known and recognizable is Jacob Call, an 8th-generation master distiller: Jacob’s ancestor, Samuel Call, distilled whiskey on his Kentucky farm in the 1700s. Typically, when you think of a multi-generational distiller’s family tree, you think of the Beam family. Interestingly, Jacob’s father and grandfather worked for the Jim Beam company for many years.

Different distilling paths

Ron Call, Jacob’s father, became the master distiller at Florida Caribbean Distillers. Jacob joined his father there in 2007. Later, in 2014, Jacob began restarting the Green River Distilling Company in Owensboro, Kentucky. Known for a while as O.Z. Tyler Distillery, Green River, is a historic property with a history of making “the whiskey without regrets.” Bardstown Bourbon Company now owns Green River Distilling Company.

Western Kentucky Distilling Company

Jacob and several partners have built the Western Kentucky Distilling Company in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. The distillery will initially focus on bulk spirit production contractually, with additional brands to follow. Based on Jacob’s success at Green River, you will hear a lot about the spirits produced at Western Kentucky Distilling. Their initial capacity will be 50,000 barrels per year, with a target of a fifteen-barrel warehouse to store a quarter-million barrels on the property.

Beaver Dam Kentucky

Beaver Dam, Kentucky, is located in Ohio County, Southwest of Bardstown and due south of Owensboro. This county grows more corn per acre than any other county in Kentucky. This area is also the home of Bluegrass legend Bill Monroe. His birthplace is about twenty minutes from the distillery.

Hemingway Whiskey

The Call family has collaborated with the Groth family to create Hemingway Rye Whiskey. This blend of straight rye whiskeys has the signatures of Ron, Clayton, and Jacob Call on the label. It is an exciting whiskey featuring an iconic brand name. They have produced a whiskey that Ernest Hemingway would have enjoyed and appreciated. When I look at the many brands released monthly, I think a whiskey bearing the Hemingway name may have a head start in the marketplace. Add significant knowledge of the Calls, and you will have a whiskey with a great name and market presence.

Our video review

Recently, Charlie Berry and I had the opportunity to open a bottle of Hemingway and sample it. I think you will enjoy the video review, and I am confident you will enjoy the whiskey. You can access the Hemingway Whiskey video HERE.