For many people finding reasons to celebrate National Bourbon Day would not even cross their minds.  However, multitudes of people staying in place because of state-mandated lockdowns can begin to see some level of normalcy. Just this week, we could start visiting restaurants and taverns for the first time in months. Even with restrictions, it is refreshing to go out and socialize. This Sunday, June 14, is National Bourbon Day, and we urge you to celebrate with friends and family. Here are a few reasons to celebrate National Bourbon Day.

Many frontiersmen and early pioneers moved west into Kentucky before it became a state. In those early days, some moved to escape whiskey taxes, and many ventured west because Virginia enacted the Corn Patch and Cabin Rights Law. This law provided settlers their land, 400 acres if they built a cabin and planted corn. Eastern whiskey from Pennsylvania and Maryland used rye, the easy to grow corn changed the market and flavor profile of American whiskey.

The nation’s first consumer protection law

The Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 protected consumers and was the first consumer protection law. However, rectifiers continued to try to mislead the public after the legislation passed. For example, there is a published book from the late 1800s that included recipes to create imitation bourbon. These recipes mostly included neutral spirits with additives such as tea, prune juice, syrups, and other artificial colors and flavors. These “rectified” bottles were often advertised and sold as bourbon. In 1909, President Taft formally defined straight, imitation, and blended whiskey. This additional protection for the whiskey-drinking public was necessary.

Celebrities now and then

Today, many bourbon drinkers are familiar with Matthew McConaughey promoting Wild Turkey products. Former quarterback Peyton Manning has introduced a bourbon, and actress Mila Kunis promotes Jim Beam.  However, celebrities were associated with bourbon for many years. History states that General and former President Ulysses S. Grant enjoyed his whiskey. Old Crow being his preferred brand. Historical figures Harry Truman, Mark Twain, and Henry Clay were all fans of bourbon.

Product placement in movies and TV

It is interesting to me how often I see bourbon featured in a movie or television show. Recently, bottles of Blanton’s appear regularly in the John Wick movies. The television show Deadwood often used Bulleit bourbon, which fit easily into the western scenery.  Some of the old John Wayne movies do not identify a brand but have actors calling out for that bourbon whiskey. Another well-known film has Jack Nicholson drinking Jim Beam in Easy Rider.  There are many examples of product placement in television and movies. The series Justified may be the leader in brands featured. They have shown or referenced Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Blanton’s, Elmer T. Lee, and even Pappy VanWinkle. After all, Justified is about Kentucky.

Socializing with friends and family

The greatest gift of bourbon is the opportunity to share and spend time with friends and family. Take a few moments this Sunday and visit someone you have not seen is a while or call them to reminisce about old times. Take your time, relax, and find your reasons to celebrate National Bourbon Day.

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Here is one more of the many reasons to Celebrate National Bourbon Day

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