Penelope bourbons and whiskeys are a fast-growing, in-demand brand with much industry buzz. The recent acquisition by parent company MGP through their Lux Row affiliate gives Penelope broad appeal.

Comparison Tasting Videos

My good friend Charlie Berry and I reviewed eight different Penelope releases in four videos. The bottles have various flavor profiles, including Rose and Amburana-honey finishes.

Penelope Barrel Strength review can be found HERE.

Our newly released video comparing Penelope Rio, Rose, and Tokaji releases can be found HERE.

Four Penelope Releases, including Penelope Architect Part One, can be found HERE.

Part two of the four-bottle comparison, including Four-Grain, Architect, Toasted, and barrel-strength, can be found HERE.

A bottle of Penelope Rio. A very interesting bourbon with an Amburana and Honey finish.

Penelope Bourbon History

See our previous Penelope Bourbon blogpost for more on the Penelope brand and process.