Penelope Bourbon

In 2018, a husband and wife from New Jersey entered the spirits business and honored their baby daughter. They knew Penelope was her soon-to-be name and partnered with friends to create a whiskey brand.

Sourcing whiskey from MGP and Bardstown Bourbon Company, they began blending good whiskey to create their bourbon flavor profiles. In addition, Speyside Cooperage was a good partner by assisting them in locating unique oak barrels to mature their bourbon with.

Multiple Varieties

Using a combination of four grains, corn, rye, wheat, and malted barley, Penelope Bourbon became a reality. Four Grain, Architect, Barrel Strength, and Toasted Bourbon are all core offerings. In addition, four releases in their Cooper series feature wine barrel finishing from around the world. Rio, Rose Cask Finish, Valencia, and Takaji Cask Finish are all releases that show the depth of the Penelope brand.


French oak staves were introduced to mature their bourbon with the introduction of the Penelope Architect expression. However, they also used an Oakscan process for a precise spirit flavor profile. The Oakscan process began with unique trials and identifiers of wooden staves implemented in hundreds of vineyards. What they found was that the results were exciting and repeatable. The Oakscan technology, created by Tonnellerie Radoux of France, helped craft Penelope Architect.

Lux Row Purchase

After a brief period, MGP purchased the Penelope brand through their Lux Row division. The purchase will enable Penelope to access great whiskey sources while expanding their blending capabilities.

Video Reviews

We have reviews of several of the Penelope releases. If you have not already done so, please watch the videos with more background information on this fast-emerging brand.

Penelope Barrel Strength Review.

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