Old Elk Bourbon

Recently I was told about Old Elk Bourbon that is bottled by Old Elk Distillery in Fort Collins, Colorado. I was encouraged to try it and was impressed by the packaging.

Old Elk Bourbon bottle
Old Elk Bourbon is bottled in Colorado

Old Elk is an 88 proof blended bourbon that has a real creamy mouthfeel. It is a smooth bourbon with lasting flavor.  I tasted a great deal of vanilla with nutty overtones. I enjoyed this whiskey. Old Elk is a sourced whiskey with a unique mash bill.  The heavier than normal barley influence is notable.

The distillery uses a larger amount of barley than most bourbons which may give it the dramatic mouthfeel.  The company also talks about a “slow cut” proofing process that adds to the rich character of this product. I enjoyed this bourbon neat, and it has won some accolades along the way. Old Elk was a two time Colorado distillery of the year winner.

The Bottle

I was very impressed with the bottle shape and unique stopper. The stopper replicates the antler of an Elk and has a wonderful crest representing Old Elk on the top.  The elegant bottle will stand out in any bar. I normally shy away from a lot of sourced whiskey. However, Old Elk was a pleasant surprise.  If you have the opportunity to sample Old Elk, go for it.

Picture of Old Elk Bourbon stopper
Old Elk Bourbon Bottle Stopper