Mary Dowling is Now a Whiskey Brand

The story of Mary Dowling is a fantastic story of a resilient woman who succeeded in an industry dominated by men. Not only was she the mother of nine children, but she also ran a whiskey business when the odds appeared against her. She was tough and determined to succeed despite the onset of prohibition. It takes guts to break down your distillery and move it piece by piece to Mexico. At the time, nothing stopped bourbon from being made south of the border.

Juarez Mexico

Mary located her Juarez distillery across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas. There were plenty of bars and reasons for distilling whiskey in Juarez. There was no prohibition in Mexico, and US citizens who wanted liquor would easily cross the border for a drink. Most of Juarez’s bars would sell whiskey produced by Mary Dowling’s distillery.

Introducing Mary Dowling Tequila Barrel Bourbon

Perhaps it is a nod to her business acumen in moving to Mexico when there were no other options, Or maybe it is just a formula that works. Still, Mary Dowling Tequila Barrel Bourbon is a delight and an intriguing sensory experience. This 90-proof high rye bourbon matures in used Tequila barrels. Unlike many other barrel-finished whiskeys, this bourbon shines through, and the tequila finishing enhances without stifling the bourbon. Tasty and different makes this a great bourbon to sample and enjoy.

 Mary Dowling Double Oak Barrel Bourbon

The second offering dedicated to Mary Dowling is a unique 110-proof bourbon aged in a heavy char barrel and finished in a lightly charred barrel. Using wheat as the flavoring grain, Mary Dowling Double Oak Barrel is a bold whiskey that comes across as slightly hot but reacts wonderfully with a bit of water. Try this with a cube or a splash, and you will enjoy the results.

More Mary Dowling History

Mary Dowling is now a whiskey brand with two vastly different expressions. I originally wrote about Mary Dowling quite some time ago. You will find the LINK HERE to access that original article and learn more about this fascinating woman. Also, my good friend Charlie Berry and I have reviewed and compared the Mary Dowling whiskey offerings. Please watch our video review HERE for some history and a little fun.

Bottles of Mary Dowling Bourbon