Hi everyone. As August is fast upon us it is a reminder to let everyone know that the peak season for bourbon tastings is coming up quickly. I have been experiencing an increase in requests for bourbon events and July was already a very booked month. It was bourbon-tasting time at country clubs, restaurants, private homes, and family gatherings.

In-home events

There has been an increase in requests for in-home tasting events. They include tastings designed around birthdays, retirements, and even anniversaries. In many cases, it is just a group of friends that want to understand a little more about bourbon and American whiskey that schedule an event with me. Many, have had me back multiple times.

Many options

Each tasting can be unique and designed around a theme. Does your group want to know more about the history of American whiskey and how bourbon became the extremely popular spirit it is today? Tastings can be built around any narrative including history, specific distilleries, the difference between brands, various mash bills, proof levels, etc. The sky really is the limit and I thoroughly enjoy presenting all of these stories.

More information

If you would like to know what is involved with scheduling and hosting a bourbon tasting, please email me at Info@bourbonfool.com. I will send you an outline to help you design the perfect event because it is the perfect bourbon tasting time.


Next week I will be featuring a story about one of the rarest and most unique bourbons I have ever tasted. Not only unique but with a back-story that will show you a glimpse of American History you may not be aware of.


For a quick look at the latest release from Bardstown Bourbon Company, you can follow this link. You will not believe the secondary barreling process for their Origins Rye Whiskey. For access to more than 130 videos reviewing bourbon, rye, Irish, and Canadian whiskey, please go to the Bourbonfool YouTube Channel HERE.