Bourbon, Cannons, and Cassius Clay

Before we get into the details of Cassius Clay Bourbon, we need to tell you that the Cassius Clay featured here is indeed the man that Muhammed Ali was named after.

Bottle of Cassius Clay Bourbon
Cassius Clay Bourbon Whiskey featuring a Cannon in honor of Cassius Marcellus Clay

Cassius Marcellus Clay was a politician and strident abolitionist who was known as “The Lion of Whitehall.” When he inherited slaves passed down from his father, he freed them and allowed them to stay on and earn a working wage. He believed in and supported emancipation as a Kentucky politician and founding member of the Republican party.

The visual of a bourbon bottle featuring a cannon at the top was unusual.  While walking through a Kentucky liquor store, the bottle impressed me. Not only was it unique, but I wanted to hear more about Cassius Clay and why he had a bourbon named after him. You see, the cannon at the top of the bottle represent the four-pounder cannons that Mr. Clay displayed on the porch of his home and in the offices of his abolitionist newspaper. The cannon articulates and has moving wheels. Details like this add to the impressive nature of the bottle packaging.

What about the bourbon?

Cassius Clay Bourbon is distilled in Kentucky, and bottled in Bardstown. It appears to be a six to eight-year-old bourbon but carries no age statement. It is one hundred proof.  Reviews are hard to come by, so I decided to do my own sampling. I hesitate because I believe everyone’s palate is different, but I needed to find out for myself. Here is what I experienced.

This bourbon noses very hot.  The aroma reminds me of roasted wood, with some pecan tones. The bourbon tastes lighter than expected, especially at 100 proof.  The finish is longer than I expected.  Cassius Clay Bourbon is a unique, contract distilled bourbon with great packaging. The labeling recites a history lesson, and to me, that adds up to a wonderful experience.  Many times, enjoying bourbon is the experience more than the cost or availability of the bottle. This bottle is in the top tier of great bourbon packaging for sure.

Cassius Clay bourbon and glass
Cassius Clay Bourbon with a history lesson on the label.

Cassius Marcellus Clay bourbon provided a history lesson as I did not know this gentlemen’s backstory.  He was eccentric, carrying a Bowie knife and knowing how to use it. He survived an assassination attempt in 1843 by using his knife and throwing the would-be killer over a wall.  By historical accounts, he also carved out his eyes for good measure.

Bourbon, cannons and Cassius Clay is a good story and a usable bourbon. It is not remarkable but the packaging is unique and will stand out as part of a bourbon collection.