Here is a story about bourbon, hockey, and Pecan wood. Imagine you sample some bourbon created by multiple generations of a single-family. The owners are passionate about creating a quality whiskey and have meticulously fashioned a bourbon that will carry their family name. Add to the story a beautiful bottle that will stand out on any back bar with sophisticated, minimalist labeling.  This story could be about many traditional bourbon families; however, this story starts in Manitoba, Canada.

Goalie Ed Belfour

Begin with a National Hockey League Hall of Fame goalie with serious playing credentials, born in Canada, who happens to own a Texas ranch. Combine his family with a vision, and you get Belfour Spirits. A magnificent old Pecan tree growing on their property gave Ed Belfour the idea to finish using pecan wood.

The whiskey is then aged and, after a while, reintroduced to pecan wood for additional finishing starting with a sweet mash recipe. Belfour Bourbon is currently a sourced bourbon originating from two different distilleries. One located in North Carolina and one in Colorado.

Belfour Spirits

In addition to bourbon is an award-winning rye whiskey with several special or limited-edition rye’s under the Belfour Spirits umbrella.

Find out more about bourbon, hockey, and Pecan wood.

My good friend Charlie Berry and I have begun taping a “What’s new at Charlies” video series about trying new and unique bourbons. Be sure to watch our first video to find out what we liked about this bourbon.

You can watch the video here. You will learn a little about the National Hockey League connection to this very interesting bourbon. Have you tried bourbon that is barrel-finished in Texas Pecan Wood? Neither had we. Let us know if you enjoyed the discussion about a unique bourbon in a very elegant bottle.

Belfour Bourbon Finished with Texas Pecan Wood
The elegant lines of Belfour Bourbon Whiskey.