Ancient Age Bourbon has been top shelf and a value whiskey, and in today’s video, we will look at Ancient Age Bourbon yesterday and today. We feature these vintage bottles on day six of the Twelve Epic Bourbon Days of Christmas.

Selling against public trends

Ancient Age was released in 1946 and has been a recognizable brand for seventy-five years. In the early to mid-seventies, whiskey was downturned, and vodka surpassed bourbon as the number one spirit in America. However, a few brands went against this trend and grew in popularity and sales during this period. Ancient Age was one of those brands. Maker’s Mark and Wild Turkey were also seeing growth.

Outside investors and the rebranding of Ancient Age

In 1983, two New York businessmen bought the Ancient Age brand and the historic George T. Stagg Distillery. Ancient Age was the flagship brand for the company. At this point, the product hit the marketplace as a premium product with a higher price tag.

Three bottle of vintage Ancient Age
Ancient Age Bourbon yesterday and today. Watch a very special video review of Ancient Age
and a surprise bourbon edition HERE.

Buffalo Trace And Age International

Age International owns Ancient Age and distills it in partnership with the Buffalo Trace Distillery. It uses the high rye mash bill number two. Schenley, Ancient Age, Leestown, and Buffalo Trace Distillery sold Ancient Age.  

We enjoyed vintage bourbons and Ancient Age Bourbon yesterday, and today are a different product. Schenley Distillery and the Ancient Age Distillery marketed this product as a premium brand. Ancient Age has an economical price point today, and continues to be sold seventy-five years after the brand’s inception. For more information about this brand, including history with the Schenley Company, watch our video HERE.

Day seven of the Twelve Epic Bourbon Days of Christmas

Look for our video on day seven. We feature a bourbon so rare that only forty-four bottles exist globally.