A Must-Visit Tasting Room

Recently, I was exposed to and experienced the exciting and unique RD 1 release of bourbons. This group of four very different profiles is an excellent example of what is possible with quality whiskey and a vision. The four RD 1 whiskeys make an excellent-tasting flight on their own. For more on the individual releases, see my earlier blog post here.

The Lexington Distillery District

I had visited the Distillery District several times and enjoyed the variety of dining, dessert, and beverage options. If you have not seen this popular area of Lexington, Kentucky, you should put it on your to-do list. Not only are there many options for dining and drinks but there is a unique retail store onsite that sells an eclectic variety of merchandise. Relic is a reliable location to find off-the-wall bourbon and whiskey items for any d├ęcor.

Front of RD 1 Tasting room in Lexington Kentucky

RD 1 Tasting Room

Located in a reclaimed and remodeled warehouse dating back to the historic Old Pepper Distillery, the RD 1 Tasting Room checks many boxes. It is elegant yet traditional and modern but with a throwback vibe. RD 1 packs a lot of experience in a comfortable, relaxing area, including a balanced selection of branded merchandise. For bourbon fans, their merchandise is well thought out and not typical trinkets found at many spots on the Bourbon trails. I like their small RD 1 barrels that are authentically created so bourbon fans can barrel age and finish their RD 1 in the comfort of their home or office.

Welcoming and comfortable

RD-1 is a must-visit tasting room because of the quality and variety of their bourbon releases, as well as the welcoming nature of the space. You can thieve whiskey from a barrel and or experience tasting all four RD 1 varieties paired with appropriate tasting pairings, including a dried cherry, chocolate morsel, and pecan. Even though RD 1 does not boast a long history of distilling, its product line speaks for itself. As for the future, their horizon is infinite.

More to come

RD 1 has a big future and an exciting coming soon list that I look forward to. A new physical location in Lexington is in the works that will include a working distillery as well as an entertainment venue, new restaurants, and more. I believe there will be new bottle expressions and a desire to innovate and create great whiskey. There are many opportunities to experience bourbon while traveling through Kentucky’s large distilleries, small distilleries, tasting rooms, restaurants, bars, and retail stores. Be sure to visit RD 1 and the Distillery District when you can.

The inviting bar at RD 1 Tasting Room in the Distillery District of Lexington Kentucky.