The Buffalo Trace water tower located in Frankfort Kentucky


A Family of Bourbon brands means just that.  Many recognizable brands are produced by one company.

A favorite distillery to visit in Kentucky is Buffalo Trace owned by the Sazerac Company.  Located in Frankfort, Kentucky the location was formerly known as the George T. Stagg Distillery.  Many people have experienced Buffalo Trace by taking the distillery tour and walking through the expansive and historic property.  Buffalo Trace is memorable with a label that is easily recognized and readily available to purchase.

Buffalo Trace is a fine bourbon and if the story stopped here there would be a lot to discuss, however, there is a lesson to learn about bourbon brands and how far reaching they are.  Pappy Van Winkle is a rare and hard to find bourbon that is much sought after in the bourbon world. The Van Winkle brand is a joint venture between Buffalo Trace and the Van Winkle family.

In addition, Buffalo Trace also distills the following bourbons:

Ancient Age


Eagle Rare

E. H. Taylor

Elmer T. Lee

George T. Stagg

Old Taylor

W. L. Weller

Knob Creek Bourbon by Jim Beam in Clermont Kentucky

Another distillery that is considered the biggest name in bourbon is Jim Beam.  Based in Clermont Kentucky they are known for the best selling Jim Beam white label bourbon. If you have ever seen or tasted Kirkland Signature bourbon available at Costco it is distilled by Jim Beam.  Examples of other Beam produced bourbons are:


Basil Hayden


Knob Creek

Old Crow

Old Grand-Dad

Located in Louisville, Heaven Hill is a major Kentucky distillery.  Beside the namesake bourbon Heaven Hill, they also produce the following brands:

Elijah Craig

Evan Williams

Henry McKenna


1492 Bourbon

Fighting Cock

Old Fitzgerald

JW Dant

Knowing which distilleries produce which brands will help you located and identify bourbons to taste and enjoy. In no way is this designed to be a complete overview of brands produced by major distilleries but it is a glimpse into the wide range of brands available within one corporate umbrella.

Barrels at Heaven Hill Distillery in Bardstown Kentucky.