Whisky from Tullahoma Tennessee

The world knows Jack Daniels from Lynchburg, Tennessee, but today we will review a Tennessee whisky from Tullahoma, Tennessee. George A. Dickel was a Nashville merchant who bought a share of the newly built Cascade Hollow Distillery in 1878. Dickel followed the Scottish spelling of whisky by not using the “e” standard in American Whiskeys. I know this is not a bourbon, but you will want to know more about this whisky.

Mellow as Moonlight

George A. Dickel’s Cascade Whisky became known for its smooth taste. The distillery used the catchphrase mellow as moonlight in advertising their whisky. This distillery chilled their whiskey before filtering it in charcoal and claim to be the only Tennessee distillery following this process. During prohibition, the distillery closed, but Cascade Whisky continued for medicinal purposes. The Stitzel Distillery continued to produce it under contract.

A surprisingly good whisky

When we sampled this, I was stuck on the fact that we were testing a bottled-in-bond whisky aged 13 years. This Tennessee whisky is smooth and sweet with all of the sweet flavor notes. Syrupy with a hint of brown sugar, molasses, and maple. At 100 proof, it is a delicious drink. Dickel Bottled-in-Bond is one whisky that I will look for to add to my collection.

George Dickel Bottled-In-Bond

Today’s video is the first review of a Tennessee whisky from George Dickel, and it was surprisingly good. I enjoy Tennessee whiskey, but I was astounded at the flavor of this bottle. This brand has been around a long time and overlooked because of its giant neighbor in Lynchburg. This bottle of whisky from Tullahoma, Tennessee, brings their brand a lot of respect. It is one of the most enjoyable whisky’s that I have sampled in 2021. You can watch our video review HERE.

George Dickel Bottled in Bond is a great whisky from Tullahoma Tennessee
Watch the video review of this really, really, good whisky. You can watch the video HERE