Bourbons Bar and Restaurant in Brighton Michigan

a person devoted to a particular activity.
“he is a bourbon fool”

This is the first of many posts that will be an education about everything Bourbon.  Being a Made in America guy  that enjoys American history and also enjoys a simple glass of bourbon led me on a journey to discover why bourbon is considered the American native Spirit.  The approach will be to discuss interesting facts about the history, distilling, enjoying, and visiting everything about this popular drink.  Bourbon is more than sitting back and enjoying a drink.  Visiting a distillery in Kentucky is a grand introduction into southern hospitality. Not only will you meet many people during a bourbon excursion to Kentucky but you will more importantly meet many “friendly people”.  Southern hospitality is a vital part of the bourbon experience.  During your travels you will take in majestic scenery, a healthy slice of Americana, and  learn about a story that ebbs and flows throughout history.  intends to introduce you to the truth about bourbon whether you are a seasoned consumer or a whiskey beginner.

The goal here is to keep it simple and light.

Do not hesitate to ask questions. Suggest topics that you would like to see featured in a future post?  I will do my best to either answer your questions directly or create a post for all to enjoy.  If you are planning a trip to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail let me guide you on the highlights of each distillery or selecting the right ones for you.  Only have time to visit one distillery?  We will suggest the best experience for your itinerary. Looking for a good restaurant along the way, a liquor store that has knowledgeable staff and a comprehensive collection, we can give you suggestions.

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What makes a whiskey bourbon whiskey?  That definition is explained in our next post.