Many of us are now experiencing new lockdowns that include another restriction on in-person dining. Everyone needs to remember that most of these businesses have had a difficult time this year and it is plain to see that some have not recovered.

Support your waiters, waitresses, and bartenders!

Many of the bars, restaurants, and taverns reacted quickly to go back to carry out food. This is especially important to any business that does not have the ability to offer outdoor seating. Remember that the people who provide excellent customer service will be hurting. Stop in any purchase carry-out food and leave a tip. It will not replace all of their income but it will help.

Carry out cocktails!

During this new shutdown period restaurants in our area, our lucky enough to offer carry-out cocktails, beer, and wine. Take them up on this and splurge on a cocktail you have never sampled before. For a location like Charlies Still on Main in Milford, it is a great opportunity to sample a bourbon that you have never tried before! For a carryout cocktail or the best chicken and waffles in Michigan, click here.

I hope everyone remains healthy and hopeful and please support your local businesses!