Tasting at Bourbon 30 located in Georgetown Kentucky

It’s Bourbon 30 Time!

It’s bourbon 30 time has a new meaning to me from when I first heard about the small bourbon location in Georgetown, Kentucky. What first attracted me to seek Bourbon 30 out was the name! I like all things uniquely bourbon, and I felt the name was cool.  I could not wait to visit and purchase a Bourbon 30 Tee shirt.  (after all I am a bourbon geek).

Let me start with a visit to Bourbon 30 is an experience.  One of the unique experiences you can have in the bourbon universe.  It is not so much a tour, but an education in the search for the perfect spirit.

Located on Water Street in Georgetown you find the unique vision of Jeff Mattingly and his dedication to single barrel selections. His ability to source quality bourbon and find the ideal time to bottle his finished spirits is more art than science.  Bourbon 30 is not a distillery but a craft location that does custom blending and unique sourcing to create one of a kind spirits.  Utilizing proprietary barrel treatments and extra aging are some of the secrets of Bourbon 30 offerings.

Bourbon 30 bottle

The start of the story is one that I consider brilliant.  Before Jeff had a whiskey to sell, he began touring and selling Bourbon 30 merchandise.  Tee shirt sales enabled him to spread the word about his unique approach to bourbon and also allowed him the chance to hone his customer service skills.  Finding out what your customer was looking for while establishing your brand is a dynamic approach to building a customer base.

It was interesting to watch the local customers come in and purchase their bottle choices.  Not one of the people entering Bourbon 30 were considered customers by Jeff and Ms. Trish.  Each person is considered a guest.

Back to the experience portion of my visit.  Jeff took the time to explain and demonstrate various ways to enhance your sensory experience when sampling a new bourbon. It is truly the first time I can recall someone explaining that I have a dominant nostril.  However, after the explanation, I understood the concept completely.

Want to feel welcome and experience southern hospitality at its best? Plan a visit and purchase a bottle that is uniquely Bourbon 30.  You will not regret the trip.