The statement itself, from the most famous cornfield in the world, is a bold announcement that I wanted to think about. During the American Civil War, there was a historic clash between Northern and Southern troops in a cornfield during the battle known as Antietam. There are many corn mazes throughout the Midwest, and none are truly famous. Perhaps it is in one of the four largest corn-producing states, which includes Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, and Minnesota. Today’s story, “From the Most Famous Cornfield in the World,” came from a field in Dyersville, Iowa. Dyersville is located west of Dubuque, Iowa, and the Mississippi River.

The beautiful bottle of Field of Dreams Bourbon from the most famous cornfield in the world.

Field of Dreams Bourbon

“From the most famous cornfield in the world” is written on the bottle of this second release of Field of Dreams Whiskey Company Bourbon Whiskey. It is an elegant bottle filled with bourbon produced in Minnesota and Michigan. At the time of this article, I could not identify the distilleries in those states. It is 93 proof, part of the Player Series release of 2024, and I have bottle number 9583 of 23,114 released. That number, 23,114, is based on the number of players reaching the major leagues.

This is the second release of Field of Dreams Bourbon

Drew Storen is a former major league player who played with the Blue Jays, Mariners, Reds, and Nationals. After becoming hooked on bourbon and its significance, he wondered what was happening to the corn at the site of the Field of Dreams. He acquired all the corn and transported it to be distilled in U-Haul trucks. He is the visionary behind Field of Dreams Bourbon Whiskey, which comes from the Most Famous Cornfield in the World. The first release of Field of Dreams Bourbon comes with a history of positive reviews. Toffee, toasted oak, with a hint of honey that brings sweetness to the bourbon are mentioned.

Field of Dreams, the movie

If you are a baseball fan or a casual observer who enjoys movies, Field of Dreams may be on your list. It could be for sentimental reasons, for the love of baseball, or you could be a fan of Kevin Costner or James Earl Jones. The movie also had the last screen appearance of Burt Lancaster as Moonlight Graham. The farm chosen for the film was in Dyersville, Iowa, and was known as the Lansing Farm. The film was based on the novel Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella.

Field of Dreams Movie Trivia Bonus

Can you name two teenage actors who appeared in the movie’s Fenway Park scene and are now household names in the movie industry?

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were extras in that scene.

What character actress, whose career spanned forty years in cinema, made her last on-screen appearance in Field of Dreams?

Anne Seymour passed away before the movie’s release.

Field of Dreams was nominated for three Academy Awards in 1990, including Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Original Score. Which category did it win?

Unfortunately, the movie did not win in any category. The Best Picture winner that year was Driving Miss Daisy.