Followers of bourbon know many reasons why so much of it comes from the great state of Kentucky. Plentiful oak trees, fantastic water, changing seasons, and soil made to grow corn. The next time you are in your local tavern, impress your friends with your remarkable knowledge of these interesting facts about Kentucky.

Drink bourbon and win a bar bet
Drink bourbon and win a bar bet. Can you identify the distillery property featured in this photo?

Kentucky products

Bowling Green, Kentucky, is the site of every Chevrolet Corvette built since 1981.

Lexington, Kentucky, is home to Jif Peanut Butter production. It is the largest peanut butter production plant globally, with 15 different varieties of peanut butter.

Every Post-it note made is manufactured in Cynthiana, Kentucky.

Corbin, Kentucky, is home to Kentucky Fried Chicken. The original restaurant began in 1930, with franchising beginning in 1952. Only two fast-food companies are older. Do you know which ones? Hint: both are still in business today. White Castle and A & W.

Kentucky wildlife

Kentucky is widely known for horses, especially racehorses. Did you know that 11,000 Elk make their home in Kentucky? It is the largest population of Elk in the Eastern United States.

Retired racehorses are well cared for in Kentucky. There are 13 equestrian retirement homes in Kentucky.

Keeneland racetrack in Lexington is home to four horse auctions each year. In 2019, the auction raised more than six hundred million dollars in sales.

How many states border Kentucky? Seven including Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia. Colorado also borders seven states. As a bonus, can you name the two states that border a total of eight states? Missouri and Tennessee.

Miscellaneous Kentucky

The first public demonstration of the electric lightbulb occurred in Louisville, Kentucky. Thomas Edison presented at the 1883 Southern Exposition.

Three North American presidents were born in Kentucky. Abraham Lincoln, Zachary Taylor. Can you name the third? Jefferson Davis was elected president of the Confederate States of America during the civil war.

The next time you are with some friends, drink bourbon and win a bar bet with fun Kentucky facts.