Hartfield & Company Distillery in Paris, Kentucky

To me, it is very interesting to know that for about ninety-five years there was no bourbon made in Bourbon County Kentucky.  That all changed in 2014 when Andrew Buchanan decided to pursue a dream in a building that previously housed a grain purveyor and a Chevy dealership.

This craft distillery had to overcome some hurdles that could have derailed their vision.  Not once but twice did the distillery have to change their name to avoid legal challenges from others.  Working toward the goal to bring back distilling to Bourbon County, Andrew decided on using the Hartfield and Company name.

His idea of bourbon is small batch, made with only locally sourced grains, with a process designed to change things up to create a unique flavor profile. His process of increasing the use of malted barley to impart smoke and tobacco flavors helps set his spirits apart from others.

Andrew readily admits that he is self-taught and his approach to this fine art is different than the mainstream.  Barreling at a proof range of 115 to 120 and utilizing 5.8 gallons American White Oak charred barrels add to the character of his whiskey.  Hartfield and Company sample the product beginning at three months and then blends barrels to reach their intended flavor profile.

Hartfield & Company Bourbon

Located in Paris, Kentucky the distillery has a unique bar built within the distillery.  Prichard & Bail features pre-prohibition cocktails, craft beer, and select wines. The ambiance is laid back, casual, and offers you the ability to enjoy your cocktail while watching barrels age before your very eyes.

During our visit, we were joined by visitors from Tallahassee Florida who made the trip to continue their bourbon trail adventure.  We all took part in the short tour, and I am always interested in distillers that have a vision and continually look for ways to get their product noticed.  Hartfield and Company even have their custom mobile bar for special events.

Hartfield & Company mobile cocktail bar

Hartfield and Company are on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour, and you will not be disappointed. During your visit, you can count on hospitality,  sample bourbon produced with a unique vision, and a bar to relax in. Not a bad way to spend some time in Bourbon County Kentucky.