The elegant Willett Pot Still Reserve bottle

I know that we are still in October but as everyone knows the holidays arrive quickly and I have a suggestion for a holiday gift for bourbon enthusiasts. In 2008, Willett Pot Still Reserve became available in a bottle fashioned to resemble a Pot Still.  This iconic bottle was created using original still blueprints as a basis for the design. Everyone who has attended my bourbon tastings or that read the bourbonfool blog knows that the Willett distillery is one of my favorite distilleries to visit.

During my bourbon odyssey, I have had the luxury to sample many types of bourbon, and have purchased a fair amount of bottles.  One of the first things that helped stimulate my interest in all things bourbon was the unique packaging which often included an interesting bottle. The glass bottles available run the gamut from traditional to modern with labels and enhancements that make them collector’s items. A unique and interesting bottle adds an element of character to any bourbon.

We should look closer at the bourbon inside of the Willett Pot Still Reserve bottle. This 94 proof bourbon has a warm copper color, and the nose has hints of corn and nutty aromas.  This small batch bourbon is smooth with hints of vanilla on your palate.  It does not disappoint and is one of my favorite go-to whiskeys.

The 1750ml, 750ml, and 50ml bottles


Where to buy?

When I think of holiday gifts, I try to find unique and hard to find items.  Gifts from the heart with a wow factor that the recipients will appreciate.  The Willett Pot Still Reserve bottle is just such a gift.  Not only will you be gifting a quality spirit but the bottle itself will look great in any bar or on any table.  Now comes the hard to find the part.  If you are lucky enough to live in a state that stocks Willett products you should be able to find these bottles with a little effort.  Of course, you can always visit the distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky and buy your bottles directly from them.  For those of us that do not have the luxury of being able to purchase locally the Willett Distillery website has a whiskey locator feature that will identify locations where you can find their spirits.

Willett Pot Still Reserve is available in 1750ml, 750ml, and 50 ml bottles.

It is never too early to start thinking of your favorite bourbon enthusiast.  Give them a gift that they will not forget.