What makes a great night for a Bourbon tasting?  

On Monday, the good folks at Bourbons Restaurant and Lounge located in Brighton Michigan hosted a bourbon tasting paired with three outstanding small plate food selections.

The critical component is a gathering of folks who want to learn and experience more about bourbon.  Not only were the attendees interested and attentive but many already were on a journey to explore and experience good bourbon. I would like to personally thank Bourbons for hosting the event and I appreciate everyone who attended this sold out bourbon experience.

The second element is a little bit of history and an equal portion of fun.  Not everyone has seen the whiskey line on a used barrel stave or understood the purpose of a whiskey thief.  We present those objects so people can see and examine them in person.  Examining the mash bill of different bourbons shows the underlying truth that bourbon is made up of grains, yeast, and water.  No chemicals, additives, or artificial flavors makes bourbon truly special in the world of whiskeys.  The goal is to give everyone a basic understanding of what makes Bourbon a true American spirit.

The final elements to a great bourbon event happen when the host establishment goes out of their way to present quality bourbons paired with delicious food choices.  The choices of Buffalo Trace White Dog, Larceny, Barton 1792 Small Batch, and Blood Oath Pact 4 gave everyone a well-rounded selection to taste and experience.

Questions from the audience are always a very important part of any event. Being independent and not affiliated with any specific distillery I try to give everyone an objective and truthful answer. I will also always answer questions on this site.  Looking for recommendations to stock your bar at home?  Visiting Kentucky soon and need to plan your Kentucky Bourbon Trail itinerary? Take a moment and send me a question and I will answer it as quickly as possible.